About AllboHus

AllboHus is a corporation owned by the municipality of Alvesta and was founded in 1948. AllboHus rent apartments and premises for businesses in the municipality of Alvesta. We have approximately 1900 apartments and 200 premises located in different areas of the commune.  

We offer both ground-floor apartments with accessibility and private outdoor areas and also traditional apartments, some with balconies. We offer appartments in many different shapes and sizes. AllboHus rent appartments with good standard and affordable rents.

Housing services, reparation and such, are managed by our neighborhood landlords connected to your residence. They will provide fast service and you are welcome to consult them with any issues concerning your accommodation or premises.

It is important for us that you feel comfortableas a leaseholder at AllboHus.

You are also welcome to give us a call or stop by our office.  

Make yourself at home, Welcome!

Telephone hours:

Monday-Friday 09.30-12.00

Telephone number: 0472-145 15

Visiting hours:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 13.00-16.00
Tuesdays 13.00-17.00
Fridays 13.00-15.00

There can be changes in the visiting hours and telephone hours in connection with for instance holidays and office training.

Office address: Storgatan 15A, Alvesta.

Email: info@allbohus.se

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There is a waiting list to our most attractive apartments. Sign up on our free housing queue and tell us about your wishes.

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How does it work?

When a tenant wants to move from one of our apartments we publish that apartment on our homepage for anyone to announce their interest in the apartment. A vacant apartment is published on the web for seven days. During that time anyone can register their interest.

On the eight day the computer system will automatically send an e-mail to five people who are first in line for the apartment. These five persons will be offered to look at the apartment and then give an answer within six days if they are still interested. When someone says that they want to sign the apartment we first do the usual review where we for instance investigate the applicant’s ability to pay rent. If the review is positive the next step is signing the contract.

Queue system

To stand in line for an apartment you first need to register your name and requirements in our system on our homepage. To stand in line for an apartment is free of charge. After registering you will earn one point per day.

When you search for available apartments on our website the queue point needed to become number five in line, will be listed for you to know your chances for signing the apartment. These points can change during these seven days that the apartment is advertised.

We also have another system of “first come, first served” which we call “direkten”. The apartments you find here do not follow the usual queue system. Instead the first person who announces interest in an apartment in the “direkten”, and passes the usual review, will be offered to look at and sign the apartment.

Personal Requirements

When you register as an applicant in our system you also list your accommodation requirements and an e-mail address. After you register your requirements you will automatically receive e-mails as soon as we have any available apartments that match your requirements.

Rental Policy

AllboHus are professionals who rent apartments to individual on objective grounds. AllboHus strives to attend to all applicants equally and treat everyone in a positive way. In order to receive an offer of housing, the applicant must have registered for the waiting list.

Stand in line

The first selection criterion in the allocation of housing is the length of the candidates queuing time/the amount of queing points collected. The candidate who has been registered in the queue the longest will be offered the apartment.

Cases of special priority will be decided by the Marketing Manager or CEO. Decisions that one person should go ahead in the queue could be made because of special ground. One example of “special ground” could be disabilities.

Priority will be given to people who got a job or starting a business in Alvesta. Primarily this priority concerns individuals who cannot commute from their current home or have other significant reasons why they must live in Alvesta to be able to work.


A prerequisite to sign a lease with AllboHus is that the applicant has the financial means to be able to manage long term payment of rent. Long term in this case mean that AllboHus wants proof that the applicant has some kind of stable income for at least 6 months ahead.

AllboHus accept the rent to be supported by guarantees from a creditor or by social services if the applicant cannot pay the rent itself.

Applicants who are in debt to AllboHus are not able to sign any new leases before the debt is paid. 

Past misbehavior

Before signing any contracts Allbohus also wans to make sure that the applicant does not have any known misbehavior in his or her past. This we investigate due to the concern of our leaseholders. We try to avoid disruptive behavior from any of our leaseholders.


Only three people can share a one room apartment, up to four people are allowed to live in a two room apartment, maximum six people in a three room apartment, no more than eight people in a four room apartment and the upper limit in a five bedroom apartment is ten residents. Exceptions could be made if we were about to deal with a remarkably large apartment for a family with many children. Reviews are made in every particular case.

Evaluation are made in every particular case. Within the framework outlined in our Policy above, AllboHus Fastighets AB together with Alvesta commune will work towards ensuring that no one will be without a home in our community in Alvesta.

Information conserning Tenants

Error Report

If you find any errors of any kind in the apartment you should report this as soon as possible. It could be blocked drains, faucets dripping, failure of the refrigerator or freezer, etc.

The easiest and fastest way to report errors is on the internet which is available around the clock. If you report any problems on the internet then you can also follow your service order, and see anything that is happening with it. 

Report errors Online >>

In acute failure after business hours on weekends you have to call Alvesta Taxi on: 0472-19100

Report Errors on the phone 

Monday to Friday 9.30-12.00
Number: 0472-14515

Please have this information ready:
Your Name
Your Adress
Your phonenumber
Do you have any pets in your apartment?
What kind of error?

Fire Safety Information

Information in another language:







It is important that everyone know what to do in case of a fire! Do you know what to do if there is a fire in your appartment? 

Watch our fire safety movie with the whole family!

TV and Internet

The majority of our apartments have broadband and cable TV available. There are a few TV channels included in the rent of most apartments but if you want to you can buy more from the company Tele2. The broadband is an open network where you can buy multiple services from different service providers. Just log on to your computer through the broadband socket in the apartment and choose the service you think suits you the best.

Regulations for your accommodations


AllboHus demands that all our leasing holders have a Swedish home insurance. This insurance will help cover costs that are caused by for example fire in your apartment. Make sure your smoke alarms in your apartment function.


It is not allowed to throw cigarettes on the ground at any time, it could cause a fire. We cannot forbid anyone to smoke but we ask all our leasing holders to show respect towards neighbors who will probably smell the smoke in their apartment if a neighbor is smoking on the balcony.


In the summer the majority of people want to go outside and enjoy the sun and warm weather. Just remember that you are not allowed to use a grill on the balcony. In our residential areas we have places where grilling is more appropriate.


Do not shake your mats from the balcony, your neighbor under will get all dirt on their balcony instead.

Driving in residential areas

Driving and parking of vehicles on footpaths within residential areas is permitted only when loading and unloading furniture for example.

Cats and dogs

Allbohus demand that cats and dogs are in leash within our neighborhoods. Make sure that you have plastic bags with you on the walk to be able to pick up after your dog or cat.